Our team

talented and passionate

President a.k.a. founder

Emmanuel Agoston


Sales team a.k.a. the efficients

Sébastien Maître

Sales Director

Benoit Bilodeau


Denis Bonneau

IT & Media Solution Architect

Antoine Cavaille

Account Manager

Nicolas Farhood

Internal Sales Coordinator

Eric Kapinus

Production Coordinator

Technical team a.k.a. the experts

Éric Sergerie

Service Manager

Thomas Barbay

IT Technician

David Bayle

IT Consultant

David Gomes

Data Center Technician

Marc-Antoine Lambert

IT Consultant

Stéphane Riberdy

IT Technician

Yann Romany-Cossou

IT Technician

The administration a.k.a. the focal point

Stéphane Soucy

Coordinator Finance and Administration

Céline Paterne

Executive Assistant

Aline Audinot

Accounting Clerk

Guillaume Renault

Human Resources

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