• NVIDIA Powered Data Science Workstation
    Maximize productivity, reduce time to insight, and lower the cost of your data science projects with the NVIDIA powered Data Science Workstations featuring Quadro® RTX™ GPUs and leading data science software.

Big data is fundamentally changing the way companies do business. From consumer behavior to predictive analytics, companies of all sizes across industries like finance, healthcare, retail, and others are now capturing, storing, and analyzing more data than ever before. Companies hope to use this data to better understand their daily operations, learn more about customer behavior, and ultimately design better products and services. While tools and technologies have emerged to accelerate the data collection process, turning data into knowledge is still a cumbersome process. More companies now rely on full-fledged teams to address this issue, driving higher demand for data scientists, analysts, and engineers.

Machine Learning

Data scientists use machine learning algorithms for model training, a highly iterative step in the overall data science workflow. Model training is further slowed by the fact that these algorithms are traditionally run on CPUs, making it more time consuming and more prone to stifling innovation.

Computing Resources

Data scientists today use a wide array of computing resources from shared resources like CPU clusters, to do-it-yourself personal computers, and even laptops. Companies try to add data center computing resources but shrinking CapEx budgets limit the ability to scale computing resources for data science projects. As the number of data science projects increase within an organization, new tools and technologies are needed to provide the necessary compute power and to maximize the efficiency of scarce data science resources.

Data Proliferation

Companies today have access to massive amounts of data. While this data can provide companies with valuable insights, processing and extracting the right information is a challenge. The time it takes to wrangle, prepare, and clean data from multiple data stores can be significant. Once the data is prepared, models must be created, trained and refined, and then the results  visualized to glean insights. Each step of this process takes a considerable amount of time and often leads to a slow user experience, particularly when run on traditional CPUs.

Product Hardware

  • Dual Quadro RTX 8000s provide 96 GB of ultra-fast local memory
  • Remote access for maximum flexibility
  • High performance local visualization
  • Ability to customize local environments easily

GPU-Accelerated Software

  • Pre-installed, validated software package featuring a variety of GPU-accelerated data science software such as:
    • RAPIDS machine learning libraries
    • Open-source Anaconda Distribution

NVIDIA optimized TensorFlow and PyTorch 

  1. Is it made for you?

    Data scientists, engineers, and analysts across industries like retail, financial services, consumer Internet, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, oil & gas, telecom, and automotive market segments.

    Data scientists who need a high-performance, enterprise-class solution that has the power and memory to handle massive amounts of data, while bringing GPU-accelerated software to machine learning workflows.

  2. Why?

    Maximize data science productivity gains with a integrated hardware and pre-installed software stack that’s ready out of the box. Experience faster model development and training with high-performance Quadro RTX GPUs so data scientists can iterate and move to production faster, reducing time to insights. Get enterprise-class reliability and support with workstations that are built and tested for the highest level of compatibility and reliability. NVIDIA also offers optional software support services for NVIDIA developed software and containers including deep learning and machine learning frameworks.

  3. Alternative to?

    Traditional CPU-based solutions that do not provide the fast computation power necessary for data science projects.

  4. Still not sold?
    • The only integrated solution that combines NVIDIA hardware and GPU-accelerated software to deliver a high-performance system that is purpose-built for data scientists.
    • Features a pre-installed software stack that includes a variety of optimized and GPU-accelerated data science software, including RAPIDS, an open-source suite of machine learning libraries developed by NVIDIA, the open-source Anaconda Distribution, and NVIDIA optimized TensorFlow and PyTorch.
    • Includes powerful Quadro RTX GPUs that deliver up to 96GB of ultra-fast local GPU memory with NVIDIA NVLink.
    • Built for enterprise deployment with optional NVIDIA software support services for uninterrupted data science productivity.